The Charlotte Garden Club

How to Install and Use Zoom

Zoom is a reliable cloud platform for video, voice, and content sharing that runs across mobile devices, computers, and telephones.  Zoom helps businesses and organizations bring their teams and members together in a virtual environment to get more done.

Get ready to attend Zoom meetings and events:
  • You must have a free Zoom account before you can attend a Zoom meeting.  CLICK HERE to sign-up.
  • After you have a Zoom account, you must download the plug-in to your computer or download the App to your phone before you can attend a Zoom meeting.  When you attend your first Zoom meeting, if you do not have Zoom installed, you will see a link to download the App or plug-in.
  • If you would like to test your computer or device with Zoom, you can CLICK HERE to join a test meeting to test your device.
To attend a virtual Charlotte Garden Club program through Zoom:
  • All Charlotte Garden Club members will receive a meeting invitation a few days before each virtual program is scheduled.  We will also send a reminder email an hour before the event.
  • Registration is not required.  Be sure to save the invitation email.
  • The meeting invitation will include a link to join the meeting.
  • When it is time to enter the event, click “Click Here To Join” from the invitation to join.  A meeting number or password is not required.
  • You will automatically be muted and your video will be disabled.  Only our panelists and our presentations will be on the screen during the event.
  • If you have questions for the presenter during the event, click the “Chat” button at the bottom of your screen to send your questions to the host.  There will be a Q&A at the end of the meeting.
Suggestions for attending a Zoom meeting:
  • It is better to attend a meeting with a computer, tablet, or phone that has a camera and microphone.
  • It is better to attend a meeting through WIFI.
  • If the meeting audio is not acceptable through your device, please exit the audio through your device and call into the meeting audio with a phone call.

We hope to see you all in our virtual meetings!



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