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News and Events:

Obituary – Beth Jackson – Life Member of the Charlotte Garden Club

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April 28-29, 2018:

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April 11, 2018:

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November 4, 2017:

The Dilworth Community Association would like to thank all the volunteers from the Charlotte Garden Club for their hard work on November 4, 2017. The Charlotte Garden Club provided manpower and numerous native plants to add to an area near Park Avenue and Park Rd. in Latta Park. If you would like more information or volunteer opportunities with the DCA, please e-mail Nancy Nicholson at

The Charlotte Garden Club which contributed plants and their enthusiastic labor as they installed.  Michael and Michelle Styers coordinated their effort.

Nancy wrote:The Charlotte Garden Club did amazing work Saturday, Nov. 4th, and obviously before, with our meetings, your acquiring plants, the compost drop off and more. On behalf of the Dilworth Community Association and our Latta Park volunteers, Ruth Ann and I thank you for your hard work, planning and expertise. We feel fortunate to have you as team members, and hope that volunteers from The Charlotte Garden Club will come back to join us again.
With appreciation,   Nancy

Please stay tuned for our next volunteer/planting day with the Charlotte Gardeners Club!