McGill Garden Workday was on 09/26/2023

McGill Garden Workday was on 09/26/2023

It was a great morning in the garden!

The CGC perennial borders are on the left as you enter the gate.  Address: 940 N. Davidson Street, Charlotte, NC

An enthusiastic group of Garden Club members showed up at McGill for our fall workday on Tuesday, 9/26/23.

In attendance were: Beth Peterson, Laura Love, Karyn Staley, Susan Jackson, Kathy Kozminski, Clare Scaife, Debbie Deming, LeeAnn Bushorn, Sheeley Bonnin and Dottie Hedberg. Plenty of hard-working hands to complete the tasks on our schedule – we added about a dozen new perennials, dusted the entire garden with nutritious compost/soil conditioner, and then topped it all off with 2 cubic yards of mulch. The results were amazing and the flowers are ready for fall. We were visited by plenty of butterflies, bees, and birds super busy feeding on the late-season blooms.

Please take time to visit McGill Rose Garden soon and see our Perennial Borders in action!

We hope to see you at the next workday at McGill, but please visit anytime the garden is open (

Dottie Hedberg
McGill Rose Garden Outreach Committee Chair